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Friday 24 March, 7pm - 9pm Milton Road Library This morning we were informed that the GCP is holding a meeting at Milton Road Library this Friday evening for residents of our estate as well as the Ascham Road area, people who live on Arbury Road and Milton Road and what they are referring to as the Elizabeth area - residents of the roads south of Milton Road often referred to as 'the triangle'. This follows the drop-in session held at Chesterton Community College several months ago where residents were invited to comment on plans for a new Residents' Parking scheme for this larger area. We're guessing that this meeting is to report back on the results of the consultation and possibly to present revised plans, but it is not completely clear. We hope that as many people as possible will attend, although we recognise that this is very short notice and at an inconvenient time. We will of course report back to residents after the meeting.
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