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Many of us will want to improve our homes at some point, whether that's by replacing the windows or putting in a new bathroom, converting the loft or adding an extension. HPERA resident, architectural consultant Jeremy Musson, has produced this character statement about the estate, with some guidelines intended to help residents wishing to improve or extend their homes. 


Some improvements can be made under permitted development rights, but most others require planning permission. In Cambridge this is dealt with by Greater Cambridge Shared Planning.

They maintain an online register of planning applications here;  you can look at, and comment on, all planning applications via this site. 

HPERA rarely comments on planning issues. However occasionally we take the view that a planning application would have a major impact on the whole community, or would set an unwelcome precedent, and in those cases we make sure residents know about the application so that they can express their views in good time. In these cases we may decide to comment on applications. There are two examples of such applications below.

45 Highworth Avenue

45 Highworth-revised plan.jpg

45 Highworth Avenue is currently a bungalow on a T-shaped site, behind a large double garage set back a short distance from the road. In 2019 a plan was submitted (19/1408/FUL) to demolish the existing garage and bungalow and build 3 terraced houses at the rear of the site and another detached house on Highworth Avenue. The terraced houses (see illustration) would back onto the gardens of houses in Hurst Park Avenue, and be reached by means of a small service road beside the detached house. Numerous objections were received and the application was refused. 

In March 2021 an application (21/01476/FUL) was submitted for a revised plan for 3 detached houses, two at the back of the plot and a smaller one on Highworth Avenue. This application was also refused, and is currently (May 2022) being appealed.

4 Highworth Avenue

4 Highworth Avenue is one of a pair of semi-detached 1930s houses at the bottom of Highworth Avenue. It sits in a triangular plot, with space at the rear and side of the house. Back in 2018, an application was made to demolish the house and erect no fewer than 5 houses on the site. This application (18/1664/FUL) was refused. In 2020 another application (20/02160/FUL) was made, this time for the demolition of the house and the erection of 10 flats on the site. Numerous objections were lodged and this application was withdrawn. A third application for 9 flats by converting and extending the existing house (21/01330/FUL) was submitted in March 2021. This application was also unsuccessful and is now being appealed. 

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