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Residents' parking

Ever since HPERA was founded, the issue of residents' parking has been debated. Opinions have been divided on the subject, with some people in favour of a residents' parking scheme, and others opposed. In January 2018 we produced these FAQs about parking schemes to help inform residents. The previous administration of the County Council suspended all new parking schemes in early 2020, but this policy was later reversed and it's now GCP policy to introduce residents' parking schemes over most of the city, as a way of encouraging a shift towards cycling, walking and the use of public transport as a means of travelling into Cambridge. There are already schemes covering much of the city, with plans for more to come. Below you can find more information and the surveys that have been carried out on the issue. 

March 2017

Residents' views

In March 2017 HPERA conducted a survey of residents to find out whether they wanted us to lobby for a residents' parking scheme. 85 people responded to the survey, of which 62% were in favour and 25% against. 7% wanted to wait and see, and 6% were undecided. 

A variety of views were expressed. You can find a digest of those views here

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February 2019

Cllr Manning consultation

Cllr Manning held two public meetings to ascertain whether residents wanted to consider formal controls and proceed to a formal consultation. The meetings were poorly attended by only 7 and 2 people respectively. There were 46 responses to his follow-up survey, of which 27 (59%) were in favour, 14 (30%) against and 5 (11%) unsure. Cllr Manning decided this did not give the necessary mandate to go further. Click here for his blog post on the subject. 

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December 2017

Elizabeth zone subdivided

Following meetings with residents Cllr Ian Manning and other councillors met with officers and decided that the ‘Elizabeth’ zone should be split into three smaller areas. The map shown opposite is not official, but represented HPERA's understanding of what might be the final outcome. Area ‘A’ proceeded to a formal consultation and introduced their parking scheme.  Area ‘B’ decided not to proceed, and our area ‘C’ was put on hold.

July 2019

Parking audit

Following the introduction of the nearby Ascham parking scheme in early 2019, Cllr Ian Manning held further public meetings and asked HPERA to conduct a survey of vehicles parked in and around Hurst Park Estate (HPE). Volunteers counted the number of cars parked on the road in each street in the evening or early morning, and again mid-morning, in an attempt to differentiate between commuters’ and residents’ vehicles. You can find our data here

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September 2019

Ian Manning's survey

Following our audit in July 2019, we invited residents to respond to Cllr Manning's survey. You can find our invitation here and the survey here. The results of the survey - showing a strong majority for the introduction of some kind of parking controls - are here

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May 2022

Informal Engagement Survey

Following the local elections in 2021 the Conservatives lost their majority on the county council and control was passed to a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Labour. This led to a re-appraisal of the policy on residents’ parking schemes and, in May 2022, an ‘informal engagement survey’ was carried out by local councillors to find out if there would be support for an enlarged residents’ parking zone covering an area around Milton Road.

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October/November 2022

Formal Consultation

This then led to a formal consultation by the GCP with publication of detailed description, maps, etc. 

A public drop-in session with officers was held at Chesterton Community College on 19th Oct 2022 and a Zoom meeting on 2nd November – presentation here.

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February 2023

Results of consultation

Details of consultation results following FOI request were not forthcoming because of legal constraints to do with publishing data that was subject to ongoing analysis.  Publication was expected to be made along with a report to the GCP executive board.  We have not seen a report but we understand that consultation feedback has led to some modification of the plans presented in Oct 2022.

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March 2023

TRO Published

A proposed TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) was published, with a three-week period for comment – deadline 12th April.  Full details here.  

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