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Local Democracy

We're situated in West Chesterton ward for Cambridge City Council and Chesterton division for the County Council. A map showing the City Council wards can be found here and county council divisions here. The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is the delivery vehicle for the City Deal with central government. Click the links below to contact your councillors or to find out more. HPERA is a member of FeCRA (the Federation of Cambridge Residents' Associations). 


Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council is currently under Labour control. The City Council has responsibility for providing local services including parks and open spaces, refuse collection, council housing and local planning.


In West Chesterton ward we have three city councillors: Sam Carling (Lab), Rachel Wade (Lab) and Richard Swift (Lab). 

You can find out more about the West Chesterton Liberal Democrats here and Labour here

County Council.png

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council is currently under the control of a coalition of Liberal Democrat, Labour and Independent councillors. The County Council has responsibility for services such as roads, pavements, and schools.


The council leader is Lucy Nethsingha (LibDem) and deputy leader Elisa Meschini (Lab). In this division we have one county councillor, who is Gerri Bird (Lab).  


Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)

The GCP is a partnership of four organisations: Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and the University of Cambridge. It delivers the City Deal, and responsibilities cover improvements to infrastructure, jobs and homes.  The three voting members of the executive board are: Neil Gough, Chair, of South Cambridgeshire District Council; Cllr Dave Baigent, from the City Council; and Cllr Elisa Meschini, Cambridgeshire County Council. Find out more here

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