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North East Cambridge

A new district is being planned for North East Cambridge that will affect all of us. The new development is planned for a huge area spanning both sides of Milton Road, between the new railway station and the Science Park, much of it on land that will be freed up by moving the Sewage Works. The plan includes the building of about 8,000 homes for 18,000 people - the same as the population of Ely - as well as new workplaces suitable for diverse businesses from start-ups to industry. In 2020 Greater Cambridge Planning consulted on their draft North East Area Action Plan. You can read more about the plan, and our concerns about it, below. 

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Residents' Forum

For two years, HPERA chairman Andrew Milbourn and Highfield Avenue resident John Latham attended regular meetings of a residents’ forum set up by Greater Cambridge Planning during the early planning process. As a result they are more knowledgeable than most of us about the plans, but both have some misgivings about the development and about the forum itself. 

Our concerns

In September 2020 we held an online meeting for residents designed to raise awareness of some of the issues. You can find John and Andrew's presentation here or watch the whole meeting here

Particular concerns relate to: 

  • the density of the proposed development

  • the height of the buildings

  • the lack of green space

  • the lack of schools, health and leisure facilities

  • the impact on roads and the pack of improved public transport

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