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Many of us have been wondering how we can support people fleeing the desperate situation in Ukraine. Last week the government announced a new scheme allowing British residents to 'sponsor' Ukrainian refugees by inviting them into their homes. This scheme is not the same as the one Resettle Chesterton is using; that is for permanent resettlement of families in their own homes, rather than evacuation and temporary respite for people in danger. It is however a major commitment. If you are considering welcoming someone into your own home, please do look at the information provided by the charity Reset, which supports resettlement of refugees in this country. This week they have set up a website packed with information about what is involved and things to think about, and the charity Refugees At Home also has lots of useful information and resources. More locally, Arbury Baptist Church is thinking about how best to mobilise local support and would like to hear from anyone who would like to help, whether they are able to invite someone into their home or would like to help in other ways. You can let them know if you are interested here.

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