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SOS for shops blighted by roadworks

As the Milton Road works rumble on, some of the shops at the Mitcham's Corner end of Milton Road are running out of time. For the last year, customers have been unable to park outside, and now, although the parking has been restored, the 30 minute restrictions haven't been - so the few spaces are now used by commuters leaving their cars there all day. Committee member Robin Standring (who, as a shop owner himself knows how difficult it is to trade in such circumstances), says: "The roadworks on Milton Road are having a catastrophic impact on some of the local businesses. For instance, the turnover of the once thriving Polish grocery shop Pod Orlem is down by 20%, and the owner is now working for zero salary with a £20K debt. The council and GCP reject any claim for compensation. They wont make it past Christmas unless something changes. As locals, we can really make a difference especially as we don't need to drive to shop there! This shop has fantastic prices and a lovely range of products including bread, organic olive oil, vegetables, potato pancakes, sweets and treats, beer and lovely vodka. I urge you to give it a try and show your support!"

Other shops in the area also need our support if they're to survive. Give them a try!


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