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Road closures and diversions

Updated: May 30

Milestone, the contractors of the Milton Road works, yesterday forwarded us a letter about various night closures and disruptions which will affect residents, especially those living in Highworth Avenue. Unfortunately the first closure happened last night (!) and the letter isn't crystal clear about what is actually going to happen. You can find a copy below.

We've been pushing for more clarity, and have been given a little more information about the resurfacing work, which will start on Monday night and continue between 8pm and 6am for about a fortnight. Works are currently scheduled as follows (but subject to change):

Monday June 3 - Hurst Park Avenue to Elizabeth Way roundabout. 

There will be access to and from Hurst Park Avenue for residents, but cars will need to be escorted.

Tuesday June 4 - the roundabout itself.

Wednesday June 5 - roundabout to Oaktree Avenue. 

There will be no access to Highworth Avenue from the roundabout (and vice versa) for vehicles on all 3 days.

Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June - roundabout to Kings Hedges Road. 

Highworth Avenue will be open as normal but it will not be possible to head north up Milton Road. 

Wednesday 12 June and Friday 14 June - Mitcham's Corner to Arbury Road. 

Again, the junction between Highworth Avenue and the roundabout will be closed and residents will be asked to exit via Leys Road if using vehicles. 

Road Closure - MILTON ROAD NIGHT CLOSURE 03.06.2024
Download PDF • 78KB

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