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Promenade & Freecycle

Sunday 29 August, from 5pm

Last year we held the first Hurst Park Promenade, inspired by the Italian tradition of the passeggiata and we're delighted to repeat the event this year. So please join us for the second Promenade on Sunday 29 August between 5pm and 7pm: grab your nearest and dearest, and take a leisurely stroll around the estate, chatting with your neighbours along the way.

Please feel free to share something too. Perhaps you have a surfeit of vegetables or fruit from your garden, a box of books that you don't need, or anything else that needs a new home? You might even feel inclined to provide some entertainment for passers-by - a little bird tells us that there will be some music in Highfield Avenue for everyone to enjoy, but perhaps others might contribute too?

See you on Sunday!

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