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Playing Out (for all ages!)

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

We are very pleased that Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed that we can run a Playing Out scheme in our neighbourhood, to allow children to play safely in the street, and for adults to chat and get to know each-other. We have applied for road closures on Saturday afternoons once a month from 2pm - 4pm, alternating between Leys Avenue and Highworth Avenue.

Playing Out schemes are springing up all over the country, inspired by a group of parents in Bristol who saw benefits for children and adults alike. You can find out more by visiting the Playing Out website. Everyone (of whatever age) is welcome! We'll provide some play equipment like chalks and skipping ropes, but please contact us if you could lend anything suitable for the duration of the event. Please note that parents and carers remain responsible for their own children at all times. We may decide to cancel in the event of very bad weather; if so we will post on the website and Facebook group.

The first event will take place on Saturday 11 September in Leys Avenue. The road will be closed from 1.30pm - 4.30pm, between Highfield Avenue and Orchard Avenue. The second event will be on Saturday 9 October at the top of Highworth Avenue. We will have Road Closed signs and plenty of volunteers on hand to help make sure that the event goes smoothly. Access for emergency service vehicles and carers will be maintained at all times. The road will be closed to all motor traffic (but open to everyone on foot!), and cyclists will be asked to dismount and use the pavements or use a different route.

Below you can download a complete list of all the Playing Out events planned so far, and a list of FAQs which we hope will answer any questions you may have.


Download PDF • 51KB

Final dates Playing Out
Download PDF • 123KB

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