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We've been pushing, without success, for more information about the precise nature of the proposals for the residents' parking scheme that we believe will be introduced here at some point in 2024. As you will remember, officials informed us that the consultation conducted last autumn found that a majority of residents were in favour of the introduction of a scheme. However no further details have been forthcoming since then. We have written to our local councillors, and would encourage you to do the same. You might want to ask that the scheme:

  • provides short term or pay & display parking so that visitors can use local businesses;

  • includes spaces for EV chargers or car clubs;

  • is only in operation for short hours to deter commuter parking but with minimal inconvenience for residents and their visitors and tradespeople;

  • minimises unnecessary signage and road markings. We favour the approach adopted in Newnham, where signs are placed at entrances to the estate only rather than every few yards.

You can find the addresses of all four local councillors (County as well as City) on our website and would encourage you to write to ask that information is provided BEFORE a Traffic Regulation Order (or TRO) is produced (after which they may claim it is too late to make changes).

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