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The GCP has announced that the Highworth Avenue junction with Milton Road will be closed to motor vehicles in the week beginning 21 August 2023 for approximately 6 weeks while work continues on improvements to the roundabout. Cycle and pedestrian access will be maintained via a pedestrian walkway.

Residents of Highworth Avenue wishing to drive to or from their homes will be diverted via Leys Road. The planters either side of the cycle path at the intersection between Leys Road and Highworth Avenue will be removed to facilitate this. Work will begin here next week (week beginning 31 July) but the road will not be opened to motor traffic until the other end of Highworth Avenue is closed. We have been assured that there will be no point at which both ends of Highworth Avenue are open. Please let us know if any issues arise and we will push for a speedy resolution.

The GCP has agreed that the cycle path and planters can be reconfigured when they are reinstated after the completion of the work to improve the safety and attractiveness of the area. We have been working with residents, the GCP and the contractors, Milestone, and they are in the process of drawing up a plan that takes account of residents' views. We expect to be able to circulate their proposal in the next few weeks.


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