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Just three months ago our screens and newspapers were filled with stories of chaotic scenes at the airport in Kabul as desperate people tried to find a way out of Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country. In the face of what appeared to be an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, some members of the committee decided to find out if there might be some way for our community to help.

We spoke to various charities including the Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaignwho suggested we might explore setting up a Community Sponsorship scheme. These projects have sprung up in communities all over the country, with groups of people - sometimes, but not always, friends or members of a faith organisation - coming together to provide housing, friendship and support for refugees in their communities. You can find out more about Community Sponsorship here.

Some of us are interested in forming such a group here in Hurst Park, and we would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in joining us. However the biggest hurdle by far - without which we can't get off the starting blocks - will be finding accommodation. If you own a rental property in or near the estate and would be prepared to explore renting to a refugee family, please get in touch for a no-strings conversation about what might be involved. Thank you.

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