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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Many of you will recall that last year proposals were put forward for a bus gate on Arbury Road and a second one at Mitcham's corner. Put forward during the first lockdown, the proposals were intended to reduce traffic and give more space for pedestrians and cyclists. We have now heard that a non-statutory consultation on a range of temporary and experimental active travel proposals has now been extended until 15 September. You will find details of the various different schemes here, although frustratingly there is little detail apart from the engineers' drawings and no accompanying narrative to explain the thinking behind the ideas. As far as our estate is concerned, the main areas of interest are probably the proposed modal filter on Arbury Road, just north of Leys Road and on Union Lane at the junction with Milton Road, but changes are also proposed on the Elizabeth Way roundabout and at Mitcham's Corner. The current Arbury Road scheme is slightly different to the bus gate originally proposed by Ian Manning last year, but it would still have the effect of diverting through traffic currently using Arbury Road onto Gilbert and King's Hedges Roads. Of course this does mean slightly longer journey times for some car drivers, but a much quieter environment for cyclists and pedestrians on Arbury Road. In our view this would have the added benefit of reducing rat-running which can sometimes be a problem in our estate. We are talking to councillors and officers to try to get some more detail and improve the consultation process. In the meantime, please do respond to the consultation, whatever your view; although these are temporary measures, they could well become permanent and will no doubt have an impact on most of us in some way.

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