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We have been pushing the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) and the contractors Milestone for better information about the project. We have recently attended two meetings to try to clarify what is likely to happen, and our councillor Jocelynne Scutt has also applied pressure on our behalf. We would like to think that this has had some results but the situation is still not entirely clear, although we now know that work is likely to take place on both sides of the road, not only on the south side as had been previously thought. In the past couple of weeks, Milestone has written to all residents explaining that the project proper is planned to start this week, and that Milton Road will be closed to motor traffic between 7pm and 6am on 5-9 September (see diagram below). Residents of our estate wishing to use their car during those times will need to exit the estate via Arbury Road heading north only. If you have any queries, you should contact the Liaison Officer Naomi Warren. For regular newsletters about the project, please sign up here. Some outstanding issues are: Project Plan Map We have asked for a more comprehensible map of when and where the work is planned. We have one designed for engineers but it is not very clear at all. Access to Highworth Avenue The latest information is that the changes to access will be carried out in October. We are promised there will be leafleting by Milestone beforehand about it. For a period of about a year, cars will be able to enter and leave Highworth Avenue only via Leys Road, and not directly from Milton Road. We expect that the planters between Leys Road and Highworth Avenue will be removed next month, but we do not yet know exactly when or indeed exactly what they are planning to do. We have been promised that there will not be any damage to the 'edible roundabout', but if you see contractors starting work it might be worth having a word with them about this. Impact on Shops The work outside the shops on Milton Road between the junctions with Arbury Road and Highworth Avenue is planned for next Spring and Summer - peak trading time for our local businesses. Inevitably this will have a significant impact, and so the project team is looking into whether the timing can be changed. HPERA committee member Robin Standring, who runs Cam Home and Garden, is leading on this.

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