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We would like to remind residents that the deadline for responding to the consultation about the proposed parking scheme is this coming Monday, 14 November at noon. This is your opportunity to give your view on whether you are in favour of the proposed scheme, and to offer detailed comments and suggestions.

You can find the full details, maps, and the survey here. The consultation closes at midday on 14th November, so please make sure you respond by then. This is our opportunity to influence whether or not a scheme is introduced in our neighbourhood, and if so, how it is designed. Whatever your view, please do take part in the consultation. When responding you may want to consider:

  • Whether you are in favour of a scheme at all. It's worth remembering that we can expect around 50 cars will be displaced from Milton Road when the parking spaces there are removed in the next few weeks and months, and that new developments on the edges of the city will certainly lead to increased numbers of commuters looking for places to park. If we reject a scheme now, we may well find it more difficult to park on the street in future.

  • If you are in favour of a scheme, are the parking spaces shown on the maps in the right places? For instance in some roads they are shown on the right at one end of the road and then on the left at the other. Would it be better to place them on alternate sides all the way down?

  • Should there be some pay & display spaces or spaces with free parking for a limited time, especially near shops and the dental surgery on HPA?

  • Should there be some spaces devoted to car clubs?

  • Should there be electric charging points?

  • Should there be bike parking on the road?

  • Are the proposed times (9.30am-3pm) acceptable? Could we suggest a shorter time that would still have the effect of eliminating commuter parking?

  • Should parking spaces on Arbury Road be removed to make room for a cycle lane? This proposal came as an unwelcome surprise to residents of Arbury Road and to CamCycle, and would inevitably displace cars into our estate.

Please make your views known and respond to the consultation by midday on Monday 14 November.

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